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Here at, we’d like to introduce you to our sister company, The Merchantile of Scottsdale! Our Scottsdale, Arizona location is a bustling storefront that offers customers a wonderful in-person shopping experience with some of the same merchants that make up online marketplace.

Our Scottsdale location is a one stop shop for residents of Scottsdale and tourists alike! Featuring lovely handmade pieces, home décor, clothing, and even textiles, The Merchantile of Scottsdale is a gift lover’s dream! 

What We Offer In Store

Our boutique marketplace is a place where designers, makers, artists, and local businesses come together to reveal their very best products and services. Our store is a place where our community comes to revel in all of the local, handmade, beautifully sourced collections by the creative minds of small business owners.

When you pay us a visit, you can open your world up not only to exciting products, but to the entire environment that our storefront offers. Talk with the friendly Merchantile staff, ask about their products, shop from local small businesses, or create something in our DIY area!

A Different Type of Shopping Experience

Building off of the old marketplaces of the past, The Merchantile of Scottsdale is specifically designed to foster more of a conversation between shoppers and merchants. In a digital-first world, it seems like shopping has lost the personal, human touch that makes the products that we purchase so extraordinary. 

At The Merchantile, you can hear first-hand about your favorite products, you can ask questions, you can learn more about them, their business, and their lifestyle, and you can immerse yourself in a physical space designed to help you support, shop, and create! 

The Merchantile of Scottsdale is proudly located right in the heart of Arizona. Ideal for local residents, travelers, and tourists alike, The Merchantile should always be on your list of destinations when you’re in the area! 

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