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Unscented Lip Balm

Unscented Lip Balm

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This all-natural lip balm is specifically curated to moisturize and condition your lips. It is unscented and does not have a specific flavor- it is truly designed as a moisturizer. The main ingredient is jojoba oil. We use Candelilla Wax as a vegan alternative to beeswax. It is sustainably harvested from a Candelilla Evergreen. There are no chemicals or preservatives involved. It is just pure moisture going straight to your lips.

Our lip balms are made in small batches and are hand-poured. The tubes are 2.76 inches tall and .76 inches wide. Each tube contains about .3oz of lip balm. The tubes are made from high quality hard kraft paper. They are easy to use- remove the lid and push the lip balm from the cardboard tray at the bottom of the tube and apply it to your lips. We are environmentally conscious, and our packaging is recyclable.

Regulations set by the FDA prohibit bath and body companies from making health-related claims about beauty products. We are not medical or healthcare professionals and do not claim that the use of our products may have a positive effect on pre-existing physical and/or mental health conditions. The information in our listings pertains to the properties of specific ingredients used in the item. We are environmentally conscious, and our packaging is recyclable.

Lip Balm Ingredients:
- Jojoba Oil
- Avocado Oil
-Candelilla Wax
-Castor Oil
-Vitamin E


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