Leather Bucket Tote

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This newly designed JOYN Bucket tote is the perfect addition to your wardrobe and handbag collection. It was crafted with organization and space utilization in mind, the Mary Poppins of bags. On the interior you’ll notice a large flat base and 2 separate, zipper pockets on the sides. This bag is full grain, remnant leather with hand block print fabric on the interior. The straps are also full grain leather but provide an accent of camel color, just beautiful! Hand block printed canvas, 100% genuine full grain leather. 13.5" x 17", 8.5" non-adjustable straps JOYN is a socially-conscious fashion brand producing women’s handbags that are 100-percent handmade. Each bag is unique. No factories, no automation, because the more hands that it takes to make the products, the more jobs that are created. They have invented a system of “purposeful inefficiency” that drives every decision of the company. Raw cotton is processed by hand, spun by hand, then woven by hand. Wooden blocks are carved by hand and then the design is pressed on to the fabric. This is all done by hand, reviving an ancient traditional art form that is native to India.