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Here at, we’re always on the lookout for new merchants and to join our online marketplace. For our shoppers, we strive to guarantee a one of a kind shopping experience unlike anything that they’ve ever found on the web. That means that each and every single merchant whom we work with must be approved by our merchant team before they can begin selling their unique, trendy, and modern products to our customers.

We’re endlessly focused on ensuring that every merchant in our marketplace takes themselves, their products, and their customers seriously because at the end of the day, that’s exactly what we all need. is a space for small businesses and passionate shoppers to support, shop, and create – and we’d love to have you along for the ride.

Why Become A Merchant With The Merchantile?

No other online marketplace can match the quality of the products in our store, nor the passion that our team and our merchants bring to the table in everything that we do. We live in an ultra-digitized world, which means that the internet is flooded with online shops and eCommerce websites that make it difficult to judge the quality of the products that we buy.

At, our customers and our merchants can rest assured knowing that a quality shopping experience comes from quality products – and that’s exactly what we provide. Becoming a merchant with us means that you’re dedicated to our quality standards and that you’re well aware of just how fast your business can grow thanks to our customer base!

What Makes Us Different

We make the shopping experience fun and simple for our customers, and that directly benefits our merchants too! We want our customers to find exactly what they’re looking for quickly and without sorting through pages and pages of options. Our customers find an item that they need and make their purchase without ever having to worry about the quality. is the only online marketplace that offers our customers the ability to shop from real, established small businesses that are entirely based in the United States. This not only ensures that the products in our marketplace are professional and of good quality, but it also ensures that their shopping experience will be nothing short of exceptional. All of this, coupled with our love for unique, trendy, and modern products makes different from the rest.

What We Look For In Our Merchants

Here at, we’re simply looking for small businesses that sell unique products. We look for professional small businesses that are based in the US, that take pride in their products, photos, and branding. Take a look down below to view our checklist of accepted items to see if you’d be the right fit as a merchant at

We Accept:

  • Handmade Items
  • Items Designed In The US
  • Vintage/Unique Finds
  • Sourced Merchandise (Business Based In US)
  • Digital Products (Web Design, Logo Design, Creative Services, Etc.)

Do you think you’d be a good for us? Register today and fill us in on everything that you have to offer. We’re always excited to meet new businesses and we can’t wait to see your products and learn more about your business!

Why You Should Join

Quite simply, our uniqueness is what separates us the most – it’s what defines who we are, what we’re all about, and what we strive to accomplish. We’re firm believers that the digital work offers consumers tremendous power to find and connect with new brands and businesses, but far too many of these brands and businesses come from outside of the country. Ultimately, this leaves small businesses behind and stuck in the dust! 

With, each and every merchant has the unique opportunity to succeed because we provide a comprehensive marketplace for consumers that they’ll actually enjoy using. With an unmatched user-experience, unbeatable quality, and the most unique, trendy, and modern products across a massive variety, is poised to become the most enjoyable online marketplace currently available.